Cambridgeshire Music Education Hub
About the Hub

Cambridgeshire Music Education Hub (CMEH) is part of a network of hubs across the country working with partners to support the objectives of the National Plan for Music Education. The focus of the hub is to use available investment to:

1. Support schools to develop a strong curriculum and co-curricular provision for pupils.

2. Enable young musicians to progress in their areas of musical interest.

3. Develop partnerships with schools, providers and other organisations to increase the range of opportunities that can be provided across the County.

The Hub is not a provider itself, it commissions work through a number of key partners annually to ensure continuity of opportunity and further collaborations developed by the Lead Partner during the year to support particular initiatives.

How Cambridgeshire Music Education Hub operates

The Hub Advisory Board oversees its work and with the Lead Partner, Cambridgeshire County Council, aided by its music development staff, designs and supports a programme of activity each year. Investment is made into the subsidisation of opportunities for young musicians to enable them to progress, a range of support and advisory services for schools and, subject to available resources, the development of projects and events. In the last decade, the Hub has supported thousands of young people to access these opportunities and is working to generate further income so that, as well as helping existing students continue, more provision can be started.

The programme operates from September to August annually and the Hub collects information, feedback and suggestions for development throughout the year to enable it to identify future needs and areas of development. Please see below how to contact the Hub and our web-pages for more information about our approach and programme development.

Getting in touch or involved

For general enquiries about the Hub's work or a request to join one of our collaboration conversations (see other webpage) on Teams please email

If you have an idea or particular need then please submit it via our Ideas Portal so that it can be reviewed and included in development planning: