Our Inclusion Development

At Cambridgeshire Music, we believe that education is a human right, and belongs to everybody. We endeavour to promote respect and individuality, creating a positive environment for learning characterized by equality, diversity and inclusion, affirming that all people are valued, and all outcomes and achievements are differentiated, acknowledged and celebrated.

Cambridgeshire Music is In partnership with 6 other hubs in the Eastern Region, and as part of our ongoing development, we commissioned Dr Phil Mullen to undertake a report which outlines a 4-year strategy.

This report provided data on
• Geography and Demographic
• Education and attainment
• Deprivation
• Children in challenging Circumstances
• Lenses of Musical Inclusion
• Life Condition
• Geographical issues
• Background and Identity
• Life circumstance
• Behavioural issues

Cambridgeshire Music is working together with Norfolk Music hub and Peterborough music hub, to implement our EDI action plan across the Tri-HUB region.

We are in the process of creating our Musical Inclusion statement, which will outline our values for musical inclusion throughout the tri-hub region. This will state that all internal and external partners will commit to uphold our inclusive values.

Cambridgeshire Music Inclusion Strategy 2021 25 (pdf)