If you are developing a music education programme or project in Cambridgeshire, either as an individual or organisation, you may be able to apply for support in the form of a Co-creation Grant through Cambridgeshire Music.

As the county’s music education hub, Cambridgeshire Music provides grants for partners to develop programmes of work that meet our strategic objectives in delivering high-quality music education in Cambridgeshire. A new grants scheme is in place for the 2019/20 financial year and information about this is now available online

These grants can support music education projects of many different types, including: whole-class music tuition, singing participation, bands and ensembles, music workshops, music schools, advanced training, music leader development, continuing professional development and inclusion-based targeting projects.

Applications for activities that include support for Arts Awards and/or Artsmark development are particularly welcome.

For any co-creation project, Cambridgeshire Music can provide:

• Grants of £100 - £5,000 for music education projects of different types
• A designated programme manager, who acts as the main point of contact for organisations in relation to the funded activity
• Any necessary advice

Partners provide:

You provide:

• At least 50% of cash costs of the project from other sources
• Commitment to sharing project information, data collection, acknowledgement of funding on publicity and production of an evaluation report
• Commitment to establishing or participating in a Music Excellence Network.

For those who have applied before, please note that the current grants scheme changed on 1 June 2019 and it is therefore important to check the new scheme information before applying. You can find details, including about the application and selection criteria, here