Hot on the heels of the success of Cambridgeshire Music’s first Online Orchestra, we’re delighted to unveil our second Online Orchestra challenge!

For our first challenge, we transported everyone to the sunny beaches of Hawaii with our heart-warming performance of the classic theme tune – Hawaii Five-0. Almost 6,000 people have watched our YouTube premiere here: https://youtu.be/mQvQaZ4r8zs, which brought together 50 performers from across Cambridgeshire and beyond. As well as making lots of people smile!

For our second challenge, we are asking the musicians of Cambridgeshire to come and join us in sunnier climes once again – by inviting you all to play your part in the popular dance tune ‘La Bamba’, all the way from sunny Mexico!!!

La Bamba is a fun-filled Latin American dance tune immortalised in the 1950s by Ritchie Valens and then by the band Los Lobos, whose 1980s version made it all the way to number 1 in the UK and US hit parade!

We’d love it if you’d like to join us by getting into the Mexican groove with musicians young and old from across the county! You could even don a sombrero and a poncho for some extra on-screen fun when you record your part!

How to get involved

As last time, this opportunity is free and open to musicians of any instrument, age or ability. We have responded to the feedback that you gave last time by adding different level piano parts, a guitar part, a vocal part, and extra percussion to the usual array of orchestral instruments. We are aiming to make this project as inclusive as possible – and we’d love as many people as possible to get involved.

In order to receive a link to the Dropbox folder of parts and the backing track, we need you to register an account with Cambridgeshire Music.

If you are already registered with a Cambridgeshire Music Account, please log in and on your home page. You will see, above your details, a banner menu that shows an ‘Ensembles / Media Consent’ button. Please click on this and accept the consent.

If you are not a registered account holder with Cambridgeshire Music, please set up a free account with us via the My Account tab in the top right hand corner of the home page of our website.

Once you have done this, you will receive a confirmation email. Then you need to complete the same ‘Ensemble / Media Consent’ form, which is situated under the top banner on your accounts home page. Please note that we cannot accept submissions without this process being followed.

Once recorded, please send us a video file (mp4) or an audio file (mp3) via a WeTransfer link to mymusic@cambridgeshire.gov.uk. Please remember that, when you provide a video clip, you are consenting for us to edit and use it in the final recording! Anything recorded and submitted is considered for use, so do consider including an introduction or a yay at the end!

You are welcome to get practising now and we’ll be releasing some helpful hints and tips videos to hone your performance. We’ll be open for submissions from 9am on Wednesday, 27 May to 5pm on Friday, 29 May – making it a perfect half-term project.

We’re really looking forward to seeing and hearing your contributions! The final performance – consisting of everyone’s performances magically woven together – will be released on our social media channels during the week of 1 June.

The most important thing is that you have as much fun playing your foot- tapping part as we did when we were performing Hawaii Five-0. Who knows, you might make it into the local papers, like we did last time!