Some of the most challenging moments in any young person’s educational career occur when they start a new school or move between stages: from early years into school, primary to secondary, or from secondary into further education. When a young person also has additional needs, they can often feel lost, lonely, or vulnerable, and there is sometimes a danger that this could lead to longer-term well-being issues.

Now a new project from Cambridgeshire Music is being launched to help young people to make the leap between different stages of their school life. ‘Cambridgeshire Transitions’, which starts in September, has been set up as a result of extensive fundraising and will be delivered by Cambridgeshire Music's Music Therapy team. It will use music to give young people a space in which to communicate their feelings, and to process and work through difficulties that they may be having as a result of an educational transition, but might be struggling to put into words. Up to 60 students will be supported at any given time. Each will receive weekly, individual therapy sessions which will be developed in close collaboration with parents, carers and teaching assistants.

This project has been developed at the request of schools and parents, and has been made possible by generous support from the Cambridgeshire Community Foundation, the National Lottery Community Fund and the Huntingdon-based Strangward Trust.

For more information about Cambridgeshire Music’s Music Therapy provision, and about how to get in touch, visit the website here.