The healing power of drama

Dramatherapy at Cambridgeshire Music started in 2018 and has quickly become an essential part of our service. Our drama therapists currently work in SEN and mainstream schools across Cambridgeshire.

Dramatherapy sessions are person-centred and focus on communication through dramatic techniques such as role play, story-telling and embodiment. It is particularly helpful for those with some verbal and physical ability who have emotional or behavioural difficulties, trauma, anxiety, or additional mental health needs. It is suitable for individuals or groups – of all ages and abilities.

Five interesting facts about Drama Therapy

1. Psychodrama as an action-based form of psychoanalysis.

2. Drama as a healing force has ancient roots in the healing rituals and dramas of various societies.

3. People of all ages can benefit from drama therapy.

4. Dramatherapy is often used when emotional trauma is too significant and difficult to manage head on.

5. You don’t need to have any experience or knowledge of drama or acting to take part and benefit.

To learn more about drama therapy please contact us via the purple button below or visit the British Association of Drama Therapy website.

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British Association of Drama Therapists website