Arts Therapies and EHC Plans

Education Health & Care Plans have replaced the statements of SEN and learning difficulties assessments. This has resulted in a number of questions in relation to arts therapies, particularly in transition from early years to primary education and for existing provision which may be reassessed.

We recommend that you obtain the latest information from the local authority website.

Is arts therapy available as part of an EHC Plan?

All therapies can be considered for inclusion in an EHC Plan. (If you hear otherwise please tell us!) However the assessment process will look closely at the most appropriate interventions to achieve the EHC needs that are identified.

Therefore it is important that families who wish to consider arts therapies or already have them and would like them to continue following review ensure that good evidence of the impact and benefits to the child are communicated clearly through reports and at meetings.

The best evidence will be a mixture of those showing communication, behaviour or education outcomes through "hard" data alongside qualitative measurement of impact through reflection and review of interactions.

Existing therapists working with a child should be contacted when there is a needs assessment meeting being planned.