What are arts therapies?

They are therapeutic interventions similar to counselling or psychotherapy that aim to improve mental health and wellbeing. They use music, drama or dance as the means of communication. They can be particularly beneficial for adolescents, young children with communication difficulties, people on the autistic spectrum, people with dementia and in whole-family therapy. Regular sessions can be very reassuring for a child with autism, for example.

Here at Cambridgeshire Music we offer both Drama Therapy and Music Therapy .

Therapists work with individuals or groups to achieve positive changes in behaviour, emotional well-being and communication.

This supports any, or all, of the following:

Providing a medium for self expression
Providing emotional support
Building confidence and self esteem
Decreasing tension, anxiety and challenging behaviour
Enhancing awareness of self and others
Developing social skills such as listening, turntaking and sharing
Developing co-ordination and movement


£48 per hour booked by organisations, schools or families (increasing to £49 per hour from 16/4/18)

You provide

A suitable therapeutic space for the session.
Access to appropriate equipment or resources (we provide some via the therapist as well).

"In his playing he was able to tell me about this difficulties in communicating and how sad they made him."

Mary, music therapist working with dementia patient, Edward

"A 6-year-old boy recently said his first word in a music therapy session. It was so exciting."

Orla Casey, Head of Music Therapy, Cambridgeshire Music

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