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For: String players of Grade 6 and above.

One of the main sources of new music today is that written for Stage and Screen, a topic that often appears in both the GCSE and A Level music syllabus. But film makers do not only use newly composed music to paint a picture or heighten tension in their films, they also use pre-written music from throughout history to help them to create the mood or set the scene that they wish to convey.

In CYSE this year, we will explore some examples of Classical Music used in films from various eras and styles of Western Music, and see how well they sit within the film and help to tell the story. We will also look at the technical aspects of playing music form these eras and the background to the original works.

Repertoire to include:
Double Violin Concerto 2nd Mov’t (Thor) Bach
Adagio (Platoon, Elephant Man) Barber
Quintet No.60 in C major, G.324
La Musica Notturna delle strade di Madrid (Master and Commander) Boccherini
Pie Jesu from the Requiem (Captain America) Faure
Eine Kleine Nacht Musik (1st Movement) (Ace Ventura) Mozart

Classical Music in Film

Directed by String specialist tutors, Anne Atkinson and Margaret Scourse

2018/2019 Dates

Sunday 10th March 2019 10.30-4.30.
String Quartet Composition Workshop with the Ligeti String Quartet.
Open to all registered County String Players, this is a fantastic opportunity to work with a Professional String Quartet learning skills in both composition and string quartet playing.

Venue - Cambridgeshire Music, Huntingdon
Time - 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Autumn Term
3rd Oct
21st Nov

Spring Term
6th Feb
20th March

Summer Term
14th July - Afternoon Rehearsal
21st July - End of Year Performance


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