You provide

Time from staff at the appropriate level in school, in order to discuss and progress development programmes


Your school’s social, moral, cultural and spiritual leadership and development meets and exceeds expected standards.

Our help and advice supports the following outcome:

Arts Award and Artsmark links

Our advice covers how to benefit from national recognition schemes such as Arts Award and Artsmark (particularly showing evidence of Partnerships, Curriculum Design and Equality and Diversity).

Supporting your school’s cultural education

FOR: School governors, leadership teams, curriculum leads, teaching staff
COST: There is no charge to schools for our arts development advice.

At Cambridgeshire Music, we provide specialist support for cultural education development at all levels, working with school governors, leadership teams, curriculum leads and general teaching staff.

Our offer

We can help in a number of ways:

One hour annual cultural education planning discussion with a Music Development Manager: working out where you want to go and how to get there in practical and cost-effective steps. Followed up with a development conversation summary.
Support from a Music Development Manager to develop music curriculum maps and planning.
You can use our self-help and guidance documents to work out what your school needs and make sure that you are complying with best practice. 
Briefing information is often provided via our e-newsletter as well as in Cambridgeshire County Council Governor and Head Teacher updates.
Our Learning Together Knowledge Hub groups have additional information and discussion about key issues in cultural education.

How to book

and they will arrange a convenient time for one of our managers to attend.  Initial discussions usually take one hour.