FOR: schools
DATES: term time
We provide continuous professional development opportunities for school staff, senior leaders and governors. Opportunities are offered as stand alone services and as part of our projects and events.
COST: A CPD session will cost between £75-£150 depending on the time, location and amount of bespoke work required. Cost includes teaching resources and presentation slides.


Access to subject matter to enable teachers and governors to:

Gain knowledge of latest pedagogical approaches
Develop confidence in effective teaching and learning strategies
Network and receive support

Arts Award and Artsmark links

Our CPD supports schools to achieve Artsmark (particularly evidence of CPD, Curriculum Design and Values and Ethos).

Professional development for teachers

Our offer

We offer the following modules:
Protecting the voice
A teacher’s voice is an important asset, and the daily strain placed on it from leading and managing classes can have a substantial impact. In this workshop, we look at strategies to protect the voice in and outside of the classroom and help staff to analyse their own voice usage and treatment. We’ll also look at the reasons why problems can occur and what to do if you have persistent difficulties.

Building a music infrastructure in your school
This workshop is designed to help you assess your current music provision, identify areas for improvement and ultimately help you create a quality programme of music for your entire school. As part of this workshop, we also examine what constitutes best practice in music for schools and look at ways of supporting your staff development needs as well as those of your students.

The Charanga website holds a huge range of activities, projects and resources that can be used to support music across most key stages. Cambridgeshire Music offer Charanga training for schools, and as part of the workshop can look at the following:
. Schemes of work
. Planning and storing your own lessons
. Projects – Friday Afternoons and the Ten Pieces

We deliver CPD training in a number of ways:

have CPD included as part of the provision, at no additional cost.

The minimum length of training is 1 hour for a 1:1 session and 1.5 hours for a group session (minimum of 6 attending).

How we deliver CPD training