Dream With Your Feet is a collection of short, but complete, pieces of music with updated curriculum resources to use in Early Years and KS1 settings. They encourage dance and movement to music, developed in partnership by Cambridgeshire Music and Northampton Music and Performing Arts Trust.

You can download the resources available from this page on the right (the sound files will be available shortly). Each track consists of the curriculum and dance resource and an associated music file, plus the original list of movements suggested by Flora Sheringham when it was originally created.

'Dancing is like dreaming with your feet!' Constanze Mozart

Flora Sheringham compiled this wonderful resource in 2002 which was then called LITTLE PIECES. This interesting collection brought together some musical gems with which to enhance delivery of dance within EYFS strand ‘EXPRESSIVE ARTS AND DESIGN’ and with progression to DANCE at KS1. The pieces were chosen specifically to enable listening and responding through dance and are taken from a wide range of styles, genres and traditions.

‘Listening, moving and making dances often go together … so this resource has been designed to be an aid to developing a discriminatory ear and a sensitive movement response.’ Flora Sheringham

This exciting resource has now been updated, adopting many of Flora’s insightful ideas and music choices. DREAM WITH YOUR FEET is now available in online with detailed practitioners’ notes, offering creative ideas, not only for initiating dance and movement, but also providing cross-curricular activities to connect music and movement to the EYFS Framework and the wider KS1 curriculum. The activities are aimed at the generalist: they are practical, concise, accessible … ‘pick up and go’ materials. The EYFS Framework and KS1 curriculum notes were written by Sue Nicholls.

Sue Nicholls worked as a music subject leader in many primary settings during her career as a teacher, achieving the status of Advanced Skills Teacher - a role which allowed her to develop her particular passion within music education: the support of generalist teachers. She has published several music resource books for non-specialists for Collins and OUP, and lectures on modules for teacher trainees. Sue now works nationwide as a music education consultant delivering workshops and music-based CPD to schools and music hubs. She leads the Trinity CME programme at Northampton University.

Dream With Your Feet - Dance Notes Specialist: Karen Bailey

The EYFS and KS1 dance notes were created by Karen Bailey

Karen is a highly qualified and experienced tutor. Karen trained at the Laban Centre gaining a Degree in Dance and QTS from the University of London, Goldsmith’s College. She gained an MA in Education from the University of Northampton. Karen has taught a wide range of courses in Higher and Further Education as well as Primary and Secondary schools including GCSE/ A level Dance, BTEC First/ National Diplomas in Dance, PGCE Dance and undergraduate PE (Dance). In her role as a Specialist Leader in Education, Karen is able to offer a range of training from Early Years through to Post-16 and Higher Education. Whilst specialising in dance she can also offer whole school training on creative approaches to learning and connecting the curriculum particularly through dance and the arts.

There are two dance ‘terms’ that may require further explanation:

A ‘dance phrase’ can be compared to a phrase in language i.e. words put together to make coherent sense or perhaps offer a description. A dance ‘phrase’ is a series of movement ideas linked together as a continuous sequence, to expand or define an idea translated into movement.

A ‘canon’ is like a ‘round’ for singers (e.g. Frère Jacques); this is where dancers begin their individual phrases at staggered points within the dance piece.

About Little Pieces for Dancing

Dream With Your Feet - Curriculum Notes Specialist: Sue Nicholls