Musical learning with a progressive pathway to ensemble performance

Designed for primary level whole classes at Reception and Key Stage 1, Music Explorers: Sing supports students to use their voices, sound, rhythm and percussion instruments in creative activity.

Our offer

A programme of vocal learning taking place during the school day
Lessons delivered by one CM staff and a member of school staff in a whole class setting
Singing and optional percussion-based activity
Comprehensive tutor guides that include topic related resources


Reception students

Explore voice by singing, chanting and speaking, using Kodaly principles
Explore sounds of instruments
Explore rhythm through clapping and singing
Explore musical elements through singing, movement and play
Can follow instructions when to play and sing

Year 1 students

Explore voice to speak, sing and chant
Explore use of instruments to perform
Explore rhythms through clapping and playing
Create a sequence of sounds
Respond to different moods in music

Year 2 students

Follow a melody and changes in tempo
Perform simple patterns and accompaniments keeping a steady beat
Order sounds to create simple structure
Create music in response to different starting points and stimuli
Use symbols to represent sound
Analyse, discuss and make comments on music they listen to

School staff

Are more confident in singing and in the understanding of music
Learn a repertoire of songs and musical activities using Tonic sol-fa method
Help their class ensembles to develop both as individuals and as a team

Arts Award and Artsmark links

Arts Award – Discover and Explore


£31 per one hour session, can be booked by term or 36 week academic year


A qualified, vetted and managed CM tutor to deliver the MX programme
All resources and topic related materials, including instrument provision
Access to any special events

You provide

Suitable spaces for each type of activity being delivered
Smartboard technology
Commitment that the class teacher will be actively involved as part of the delivery team
Commitment to regular planning and evaluation sessions
Consumables when necessary, such as percussion instruments
Performance opportunities for the pupils

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