An introduction to a key area of the music industry

FOR: Various Key Stages (please see course details below)
DATES: Term time and holiday courses available

Industry standard microphones and other equipment
A qualified and vetted CM tutor to deliver the workshop
Advice and information to meet a school’s specific needs
CPD on using Music Technology to record and produce compositions, delivered alongside the workshop or as a twilight session.

Music technology courses bring the exciting developments in technology that have revolutionised music production into the classroom, opening up a whole new world of possibilities. They also support skills in English, Maths and ICT.

We offer two routes, that can be delivered in term time or as a holiday course:

Sonic Pi (combining ICT and music skills to perform and create compositions)
Record, Mix and Master workshops (understand what goes into a song and how to produce your own music)

Sonic Pi (for Key Stages 2-4)

COST: £250 for a 6 hour workshop, £60 for a 1 hour session (per school)

Sonic Pi is a classroom-based learning course combining ICT and music skills to perform and create compositions. The programme allows users to explore sound through code language and create detailed pieces in a variety of styles. Students do not require previous experience of a musical instrument. It is designed to engage students of all levels of musical ability by using developments in technology to explore alternative methods of creating music.

The course aids the Maths and English curriculum alongside Music and ICT with emphasis on spelling, grammar and mathematical sums to explore sound design. Sonic Pi is perfect for supporting the music curriculum in Key Stages 2 to 4.

Our offer

Sonic Pi can take place at a time to suit your school, during the school day or out of school time. We provide:

10 week course of 1 hour per week, or 1 day workshop
Activities to engage students of all levels of musical ability using technology to explore alternative methods of creating music
Activities that explore sound through code language and create detailed pieces in a variety of styles
Resource pack for the school including composition examples, videos and learning guides
CPD sessions on Sonic Pi available as a twilight session at a time suitable for the school
Advice and information to meet with a school’s individual needs.


Sonic Pi supports students to achieve the following learning outcomes:

Use of musical devices such as rhythm and melody to compose songs
Understanding of basic music technology terms and how to apply them
A wide appreciation of music genres.

ICT curriculum

Music curriculum

Both routes can support achievement of Arts Award (Discover, Explore and Bronze) and Artsmark (evidence of Range of Offer, Curriculum Design and Pupil Engagement).

An understanding of code and how to use it to create music
Experience in operating ICT equipment.

Maths curriculum

Numeracy skills strengthened through sums relating to rests and other musical devices.

English curriculum

Improvement in spelling and grammar, as it needs to be inputted correctly for the code to run.

You provide

Suitable spaces for each type of activity being delivered
Digital projector/smartboard technology
Commitment that the class teacher will be present in all Sonic Pi sessions
Specified equipment as agreed at an initial meeting with the tutor (can be loaned from CM)
Commitment to work with the tutor on evaluation as agreed in advance
Performance opportunities for the students.

How to book

Contact to book or create an account with us

Record, Mix and Master workshops (for Key Stages 3-5)

COST: £200 for 6-hour workshop, or £20 per student (minimum of 10 students)

Record, mix and master workshops are a great introduction to a vital area of the music industry and a whole new range of skills.

In a one-day workshop, students record instruments and other objects. They will then tear apart these sounds using effect plugins on Logic Pro and GarageBand to create free compositions. By the end of the workshop, students leave with a master file of their composition ready for release on to the world wide web!

In Record, mix and master workshops, students learn to:


Prepare a studio
Record an instrument
Record a song using industry standard equipment
Mix a song using digital audio workstations such as Logic Pro and GarageBand
Master a song for release into the global industry

The workshops will give participants the chance to understand what goes into creating a song and how to produce their own music. Learners will engage in hands on experience with industry standard microphones to learn about various positions for different instruments and spaces.

Staff learn:

How to support students with Logic Pro and Garage band
How to troubleshoot and operate equipment
How to record live and studio based songs for GCSE or assessment.

You provide

A suitable space
Equipment as discussed and agreed with the CM tutor in advance
A room fitted with PCs or iMacs featuring Logic Pro, GarageBand, Cubase, Reaper or Pro Tools.