An accessible and enjoyable approach to music theory

Music Theory is one aspect of musicianship that you can develop through your tuition. It provides a deeper understanding of the music you play. It's also really useful for budding composers, arrangers and songwriters, and becomes essential for some advanced grade exams.

Our workshops are targeted to support the key level of achieving Grade 5 Music theory – with stepping stones to that if needed – to cover topics requested by students.

We can provide these as a day workshop, or 5-week after-school course. They are available by arrangement with schools, or as scheduled courses in our music centres.

As part of the workshop we provide 5 hours of activity, tailored to the needs of the group of students, covering basics, filling gaps in knowledge and moving on to advanced topics required for the Grade 5 level such as cadences, harmony and transposition. Tips, aides memoire and shortcuts are provided to help students develop their skills.

Schools can use the Music Theory workshop programme as part of Artsmark scheme or Arts Award evidencing student engagement.


£30 per student for the 5 hour course including all course resources and topic related materials.

You provide

A suitable space in school for delivery
Access to smartboard technology