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Arts therapies are part of our well-being model at Cambridgeshire music. They form the basis of our well-being triangle as they focus on using the arts as therapeutic mediums for positive change.

Arts therapies; including music, drama and art, are therapeutic interventions similar to counselling or psychotherapy that aim to improve mental health and well-being. They use music, drama, art or dance as the means of communication. No prior experience of the arts is required as it is within the process of creativity and the therapeutic relationship that healing and growth can be fostered.

Arts therapies are effective in helping clients express themselves when verbal communication is difficult or when the subject matter and healing process is complex. If a client is finding a subject matter too difficult to speak about and process, using the arts can allow the subject to be held and explored in a safe way.

Arts therapies can be beneficial for all ages and abilities and typical goals of therapy may include:

Self-expression and communication
Increased resilience
Processing trauma and loss, including bereavement
Improved emotional wellbeing
Building confidence and self esteem
Decreased tension, anxiety and challenging behaviour
Enhanced awareness of self and others
Improved social skills such as listening, turntaking and sharing
Better co-ordination and movement
Improved focus and concentration
Reduced behavioural issues
Increase ability to participate and engage educationally and socially
Improved educational progression

To make a referral, seek funding options or for any further information, please contact:

Orla Casey (Head of Arts Therapies Service)
Call: 01480 373500


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"I haven't seen her smile all year and she's come back [from music therapy] laughing!"

Teaching Assistant,
Cambridgeshire Primary School