About the Project

If you are an aspiring young brass or percussion player then Brass SMASH! is for you. Running between September 2020 and Easter 2021, you will have chance to join perform alongside our project partner Salvo Brass to be part of an inaugural 'Virtual Youth Brass Band'. This is an opportunity to come together with your peers to perform 3 pieces of exciting music over the autumn and spring terms, culminating with a special collaborative concert. It is completely free to take part! In order for you to get the most out of the project you must have a degree of musical experience and previous ensemble membership, Cambridgeshire Music or otherwise. Open to brass band instruments and percussionists Grade 3 and above . For further qualifying instruments and required entry, contact Cambridgeshire Music direct.

Salvo Brass

The band consists of various players made up from all areas of the East Midlands. Our resident Arts Development tutor Chris Smith has been with the band for 4 years (and counting) and has put this project together. As of September 2019, they are also the resident band for Fortress Radio online. Many of the players have extensive playing experience, ranging from the RAF Central Band, International Staff Band, professional pit orchestras and ensembles. The band takes part in the Whit Friday March contest annually and has enjoyed a lot of success on many occasions.

Key Dates

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Brass SMASH! Recording Period 2: 4th – 22nd January 2021
Performance Release: 22nd February 2021

Brass SMASH! Recording Period 3: 1st – 19th March 2021
Performance Release: 19th April 2021

Project Repertoire

Gigue – Alleluia, Amen!

Based on the lively baroque style dance, Alleluia, Amen!’ maintains the character of a lively dance and combines with the hymn tune, ‘Spanish Chant’.

Ticket to Ride

Based on the original song by the Beatles, arranger Alan Fernie has created some interesting ‘Train’ effects throughout. This piece will be sure to keep you on your toes!

Keep Me Praising

This is a fun upbeat number featuring well known songs such as ‘Give me oil in my lamp’ and ‘Praise My Soul’. A fantastic light hearted arrangement with some playful idiosyncrasies between the two tunes.

What you need to do and how to join!

If you would like to take part, you will need a Cambridgeshire Music account. If you are already registered, please log into your account and on your home page you will see above your details, a banner menu which shows an “Ensembles/Media Consent” button. You will need to click on this and accept the consent. If you are not a registered account holder please follow this link to set up a free account with us. To do this click on “My Account” in the top right hand corner, where you can register as a “New User Account Registration”. Once you have created an account you will be able to add the participants name to the account. You will receive an email when the account set-up is complete. Once logged in please follow the instruction above to accept the media consent. Finally go to add a booking in your account and you will be able to choose “Brass Smash” from the options. Once you have done this Cambridgeshire Music will receive a notification and a member of the ensemble team will be in touch with the relevant parts. Prior to the release of each new piece we will send out information about how to record and submit your part. You can make either a video or audio recording. All recordings need to be submitted by the published deadline date in order to allow enough time for editing. Follow us on social media for more updates. We look forward to having you join with us!