A month-long festival in March

Music Live is an exciting annual festival of events, offering young people a taste of world-class music up close; players from top orchestras and bands come into schools and venues across the county, giving concerts, running workshops, and playing alongside young musicians.

In 2020, we are work with music hub partners in Bedford and Norfolk.

For the 2020 Music Live Festival, more bands than ever are on the agenda. Early years and pre-school settings are included, along with rather more singing than last year. We welcome Megson, Simon Mayor and Hilary James, Eboracum Baroque, Sonrisa, and Songspiel; all joining us for the first time, and we are pleased to see the return of AAMplify. Continuing their wide range of musical genres are our festival regulars, Britten Sinfonia, Goldfield Ensemble, Grand Union Orchestra, Brass Funkeys, Blues and Roots Ensemble, Brook Street Band, Breaking Tradition, and Travelling by Tuba.

All schools are encouraged to book a concert, and if cluster schools join together, children can benefit from the additional experience of workshops.

Concerts and workshops are targeted for specific key stages, ranging from nursery and pre-school settings to Key Stage 4. Workshops may be included and will be tailored to suit individual schools or clusters of schools, and can encompass other art forms.

You provide

A designated lead person as the main contact for the ensemble
Commitment to ensure all arrangements are in place before your event (parking, resources, refreshments, seating, piano etc.)
Advance notification of any special learning requirements that pupils may have, in order for them to enjoy the best experience
Engagement with project evaluation, supplying data as requested through the smart survey sent to participating schools.

Arts Award and Artsmark

Workshops and concerts can support students with Arts Award Discover, and schools with achieving Artsmark.

Our offer

FOR: Primary and secondary schools EYFS to KS4
DATES: March 2020
COST: Schools are being asked for a single, all-in contribution to costs. As far as possible, there will be three concerts per day, and some schools will request up to a whole day of activity. If secondary schools host for a day, they may invite several primary schools and enjoy a combination of concerts and workshops.
£200 per 2 hour session comprising a workshop and a concert
£100 per concert
£50 per concert where students are using the concert to achieve Arts Award
Fully funded for schools using this project as their Artsmark case study.

Booking timetable

Sept 2018: Rough guide to available concert and workshop dates published on this page
Oct 2018: Digital brochure published on this page
Oct 2018: Provisional booking opens
Nov 2018: Printed brochure circulated
Dec 2018: Bookings confirmed
Jan 2019: Contracts sent to schools
Feb 2019: Returned contracts, payment and confirmation

Our impact

Find out more about Music Live 2019 in our full evaluation report here:

Download PDF

Music Live 2020 is in the planning stages and the brochure will be available to view in the Autumn term, along with the booking form.