Learn your favourite instrument from home

Cambridgeshire Music has been piloting a new scheme using online technology to bring music lessons directly into young people’s homes. The project – called ‘Connect’ – is helping school-age pupils to access music lessons to learn one-to-one with experienced tutors via a desktop, laptop or tablet computer.

Students are given a link to a custom-built online platform, where once a week they have a live video lesson with a member of Cambridgeshire Music’s teaching team. Young learners can also access written, audio and video resources that help them to improve their technique inbetween lessons.

The system is based on the principle known as ‘blended learning’: the idea that combining digital and online resources with more traditional, face-to-face teaching methods can often enhance young people’s education.

Cambridgeshire Music has developed the Connect system gradually over the past few years, supported by funding from organisations including the youth music development charity NYMAZ and UCan Play, a not-for-profit sales and consultancy organisation supporting music education.

In response to the social distancing guidelines introduced during the Coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, Cambridgeshire Music is migrating as much provision as possible online. All the necessary policies, processes and pedagogy are already in place to provide a safe, secure and high quality online learning experience. And it is hoped that as many young people as possible across the county will join these online music-making opportunities.

Resources are in place to support ongoing learning about best practice for this type of delivery. And all Cambrigeshire Music's online activity is correctly covered for safeguarding, data protection and privacy requirements. Visit our Policies page for more information:

Watch this space for more news about more online music-making opportunities from Cambridgeshire Music coming soon.

You Provide

For organisations who will be hosting remote learning the following will be essential:
- Laptop/Desktop Computer with camera, microphone and speaker
- Ability for a member of school staff to receive an email on the device set up for the lesson
- Google Chrome or Safari5 browser installed
- 600kbps WiFi connection (if using WiFI)
- Headphones (ideally Bluetooth)
- Music stand

What space is suitable for lessons?
- Well-lit space with lighting on the student for a clear image
- Well ventilated space
- Passing observation into the space by window or open door
- Student is free from disturbances
- Designated member of staff is available for a conversation with the student and/or tutor if required
- Other children and young people under the age of 18 are prevented from coming into sight of the camera during the lesson


If you are experiencing any issues with the setup of lessons please contact the Cambridgeshire Music Business Team T 01480 373500 E

Call to Action

In order for us to start delivering lessons remotely to your organisation please log in to your account and complete the consent form.