Learn your favourite instrument from home... or anywhere! Volunteers needed.

Would you like to learn a new instrument, or develop your existing skills, in your own time and at your own pace? 'Connect' is the name of our new blended learning programme that enables users to connect with a tutor from anywhere in the county – and use resources created by those same tutors to support students' musical journeys.

Cambridgeshire Music is piloting blended learning lessons using an online video platform to reach students anywhere in the county.

This is supported by online resources which will take students through all the various techniques, styles and pieces for their chosen instrument. Participants have access to:

- Remote learning with a tutor
- Self study video lessons
- Backing tracks for improvising
- Broadcasts of concerts
- Tutor meet and greet
- Webinars and support

Our Connect courses will be available to book later in 2020.