Curriculum Music Lessons

Effective and engaging classroom music lessons at primary or secondary level

Our whole class music team comprises experienced staff that have worked with both primary and secondary pupils across a range of key stages. They are experienced classroom practitioners who love teaching music and deliver fun and engaging lessons to all classes.

FOR: All primary and secondary schools
DATES: School term time

We provide:

• Qualified and DBS-checked whole class teaching staff.
• A well-structured and planned music curriculum with long, medium, and short-term planning covering all aspects of the Music National Curriculum.
• A progressive learning process with regular monitoring and formative/summative assessment, including end of year reports.

In addition:

• ‘First Access’ instrumental programmes (large group tuition/wider opportunities) can be delivered within our curriculum teaching.
• Support for school concerts and parents' evenings.
• Class teachers can be booked for a term or 38-week academic year.
• Primary schools can buy in Cambridgeshire Music curriculum music teachers as PPA cover.
• Secondary schools can use our service for cover for extended teacher absence.

You Provide:

• A suitable learning environment for the lesson.
• Access to working smartboard technology and speakers.
• Provision of any teaching assistant normally attached to the class.
• Class sets of instruments (can be loaned from Cambridgeshire Music. Please ask for more information)
• Liaison about any specific requirements connected with your curriculum.
• Liaison about any situation that may affect lesson delivery, e.g. school trips.
• Liaison about any pupils with special education or additional needs.


£54.00 per hour, can be booked for up to 38 week (full academic year).
Our recommended length of music lesson is: 60 minutes per week.

Arts Award and Artsmark links

Our music curriculum lessons can be used to support pupils to achieve Arts Award. Discover and Explore (KS1/2), Bronze (KS3) and Gold (KS4/5). Our lessons also provide evidence of Curriculum Design, Partnerships and Pupil Engagement, supporting schools to achieve Artsmark.

Included in the Cost

Schools may collaborate and buy in time as a Cluster. In these cases, a curriculum to meet the needs of a cluster can be planned and delivered with performance opportunities for schools involved.