Class Instrumental Pathways


FOR: Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1
DATES: term time
COST: £43.00 per one hour session, can be booked by term or a 36 week academic year.

If pupils can get a taste for music at a young age this can spark a life-long interest – as well as developing other important skills. Primary schools have a vital role to play here, and our Octave programme is designed to support your school to provide the best opportunities to all your pupils.

Octave is an ideal introduction to music making and understanding music that develops a variety of transferable skills. It introduces pupils to singing, creative music and making music on the violin and is delivered through child-centred, fun lessons.

Our Offer

Small group teaching within a whole class setting, with all pupils joining together to rehearse and perform later in the school year on the violin.

Pedagogy developed from the educational concepts of Zoltan Kodaly (based on unaccompanied song, and relative sol-fa) and Emile Jacques Dalcroze (based on physical movement) and Colourstrings.

Pupils first experience a variety of activities that will help to develop their basic musical skills without being hindered by the technical problems of holding or playing an instrument e.g. games, singing, movement (walking, marching, dancing) and body percussion.

As the pupils make progress in their basic musical skills, these can then be applied first to basic rhythm instruments e.g. shakers, and to a more traditional instrument – the violin.

Pupils are encouraged to work together and develop their social skills throughout the sessions and in end-of-term performances.

Advice and information to meet a school’s individual needs.

Can be booked by term or 36 week academic year.


Introduction to singing, creative music and instrumental music making (on the violin).

Understanding of the basic musical elements of beat (fast and slow) and pitch (high and low).

Introduction to additional musical elements such as rhythm, melody, dynamics, tempo, and character.

Development of a variety of transferable skills including social, creative, co-ordination and motor skills.

Benefits pupils throughout their musical and general education.

You Provide

Suitable spaces for each type of activity being delivered.

Smartboard and audio technology.

Commitment that the class teacher will be actively involved as part of the delivery team.

Regular planning and evaluation sessions with the Octave tutor.

Performance opportunities for the pupils.


FOR: Primary and Secondary level Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8 only). There is a minimum of 7 and maximum of 10 pupils per 30-minute session.

COST: £43.00 per hour, per week, over 10-week terms. This includes the loan of a fully maintained instrument for each pupil. Minimum booking of 1 hour is required.

What are the benefits of this programme?

There are many benefits to learning a musical instrument. As well as developing instrumental and vocal skills, learning how to play an instrument can:
. develop a range of transferable musicianship skills, including reading notation
. develop ensemble playing skills
. fun and engaging sessions with peers
. signposted progression routes
. core skills such as memory, co-ordination, self-discipline, motivation, time management, teamwork, confidence, creativity and imagination.

Current Availability for September 2023
Bookings can be placed via your Cambridgeshire Music account. Please contact our Business Team via for help and support.

Overture is a great way to evidence 'Range of Offer' in a school's Artsmark submission.


For pupils who have completed the one-year Overture programme, we offer a continuation scheme.

Group size is reduced to between 4 and 6 pupils to allow greater focus on individual learning journeys. By the end of the year most pupils will have achieved a level between prep test and Grade 1.

Schools/Settings Provide

A suitable learning environment.

Working with Cambridgeshire Music tutors, you will identify pupils and invite them to take advantage of the opportunity, celebrating their progress in school where possible.

Support for learning, particularly practice in-between sessions.

Instrument consumables e.g. strings, reeds, oils.

Commitment to the whole opportunity including associated activities such as ensembles and events.

How to book

To register your interest and to have an informal chat with our Business Team, please email or give us a call on 0345 045 1371