School Workshops

All workshops are there to give an exciting overview and/or introduction to a topic, giving pupils the opportunity to explore new ideas and concepts, in line with the Model Music Curriculum.

All workshops can be targeted and edited to suit at any Key Stage and for students with SEND.

Music technology
In these workshops, and in line with the National and Model Music Curriculums, we explore how music technology can be used to capture, change and combine sounds. Using the music technology you have available at your school, this workshop can introduce different ways of exploring and using digital music.

Our focus for these sessions might include:
• exploring ways of using digital platforms to compose, record and experiment with music.
• an introduction to Charanga’s DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) YuStudio, Apple’s GarageBand
• use of audio recording software on laptops to edit and change sounds.

These workshops are designed to give your pupils the opportunity to experiment with rhythm in a variety of different ways. These may include:
- Exploring different rhythm patterns, including more complex rhythm patterns, and syncopated rhythms
- Layering rhythms as part of an ensemble
- Composing using rhythmic ostinatos

These workshops can help to develop children’s understanding of a range of different musical concepts, such as structure, tempo, dynamics, and support learning to work as part of a team, and improve motor skills and coordination.

Percussion instruments can be borrowed from Cambridgeshire Music as part of this package.

Introduction to the instruments of the orchestra
In these workshops we explore the different instruments that make up the Western Orchestra. Areas that we might cover include:

• The four sections: Strings, Wind, Brass and Percussion.
• how the different sections work and play together.
• The different ways that sound is produced on instruments from the orchestral families.

A selection of instruments for the children to see being played live will be brought along by the Cambridgeshire Music staff member.

The model music curriculum states that “As pupils travel through the Key Stages, they will develop the craft of creating melodies and fashioning these into short pieces.”

In these workshops Cambridgeshire Music staff will use the pupil’s knowledge of different types of music to plan and perform short pieces of music.

These can be done by:
• using the instruments that the school already have,
• including some extra percussion from Cambridgeshire Music used for the day or
• using digital music platforms.

A theme can be discussed and decided before the workshop that ties in with a topic being studied by the children in school or a new theme could be chosen to make it a bespoke workshop.

If you are interested in booking a bespoke workshop, please contact us via: or call us on 0345 045 1371.

Hourly rate £95
Half day (3 hrs) £230
Full day (5 hrs) £350

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