Submitting an Invoice

Cambridgeshire Music works with many suppliers who provide sessions and workshops, alongside Marketing and PR suppliers.

Below are instructions about how to send Cambridgeshire Music an invoice for the services you have provided.

You invoice must include the following information:

• Your full company name, address and contact details
• Date of invoice
• A unique invoice number
• A Cambridgeshire County Council Purchase Order Number (this is provided to you once the invoice has been authorised by Cambridgeshire Music)
• Your Bank Account's sort code and account number where you expect to receive the payment for your invoice
• Full organisation name and address liable for paying the invoice i.e.

Cambridgeshire Music
c/o Cambridgeshire County Council
Accounts Payable
New Shire Hall, Emery Crescent,
Enterprise Campus
Alconbury Weald
PE28 4YE

• Clear description of the goods and/or services provided
• Accurate quantities, price and amount due
• The date of supply (also known as tax point) if this is different from the invoice date
• A breakdown of the goods and/or service clearly showing the net price, the VAT rate, the VAT amount and the total amount for each line on the invoice.

Once you have all these details within your invoice and you have saved your invoice as a PDF document, please send your invoice with a covering email to

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to call our Business Team on 0345 045 1371 or email us on

Thank you.