Health, Wellbeing & Therapy

Wellbeing - What does that mean?

To us, wellbeing means feeling good about yourself, able to manage the highs and lows of everyday life and invest a bit of time for things that we enjoy and helps us feel content. Taking part in activities that mean something to us as an individual, whether something new to discover or explore, or that grows and develops a skill or interest, supports how we feel in ourselves and engage with the world and others around us. It’s unsurprising therefore that cultural activities, whether the arts, sports, entertainment, being in the natural environment or something else benefits us personally, supports our mental and physical health and communication with other people. It’s simply part of our culture as human beings and society.

Whilst some might be looking for opportunities to learn a creative skill for progression and self-education, it’s equally valid just to take part for enjoyment and health and wellbeing benefits with skills and knowledge a more secondary purpose. All of our activities can be taken up for this reason and we will support and shape participation around what each person is trying to achieve for themselves at a particular point in their lives.

If wellbeing, socialising and enjoyment are your principle goal, you can get creative through individual opportunities or take part in a group activity, try something new or explore something you already know, the choice is yours. For some there will be additional goals for personal health and we have a team of therapists who can support you in this.

Therapy – what is this?

Provided by Cambridgeshire Music (, we are a team of therapists working with children, young people and adults with physical, emotional or psychological needs, learning disability and dementia, either individually or in small groups. Based from our therapy clinic in Histon and Impington we provide services across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Our aims are:

· To provide access to psychological therapies through the arts, allowing those who otherwise may be unable to access emotional and psychological support to do so.
· To improve the emotional and psychological wellbeing of Cambridgeshire communities
· To assist schools, healthcare systems and families to access psychological help.

Our therapeutic provisions are similar to counselling or psychotherapy that aim to improve mental health and well-being. They use music, drama, art or dance as the means of communication. No prior experience of the arts is required as it is within the process of creativity and the therapeutic relationship that healing and growth can be fostered.

Arts therapies are effective in helping clients express themselves when verbal communication is difficult or when the subject matter and healing process is complex. When a client has limited verbal abilities they often retain musical abilities and understanding enabling them to communicate with the therapist through music and song.

What do our therapeutic provisions support?

· Self-expression and communication
· Increased resilience
· Processing trauma and loss
· Improved emotional wellbeing
· Building confidence and self esteem
· Decreased tension, anxiety and challenging behaviour
· Enhanced awareness of self and others
· Improved social skills such as listening, turn-taking and sharing
· Better co-ordination and movement
· Improved focus and concentration
· Reduced behavioural issues
· Increase ability to participate and engage with education curriculum, school life and society
· Improved education progression

Referrals - How do you make one?

Referrals can be made by schools, organisations, families or individuals. We are happy to help you with each step of the referral process to find what is best suited to you. All therapies can be considered for inclusion in an EHC Plan.

Please express your initial interest in exploring music, drama or dance movement psychotherapy by completing the smart survey which can be found here.

One of the therapy team will then follow up your enquiry and support you through the process, however if you would like an informal conversation please contact the business team on 0345 0451371.