Music Education Hubs are groups of organisations – such as local authorities, schools, other hubs, art organisations, community or voluntary organisations – working together to create joined-up music education provision, respond to local need and fulfil the objectives of the hub as set out in the national plan for Music Education.

Cambridgeshire Music, as a Music Education Hub, works with over 250 partners across different sectors in the county who have a strategic interest in music education and various providers in organisations, including our own delivery team. Our hub partnership is very broad and includes:

supporting schools to provide a First Access opportunity for all young people for at least a term on an instrument in a whole class lesson.
ensuring all schools enable young people to sing regularly.
developing an infrastructure to encourage progression across a range of musical styles and genres including the study of instrumental skills.
making opportunities affordable.
providing instruments on loan.
developing major projects and events in which young people can participate.
providing continuing professional development for music leaders.

Our engagement with our hub partners allows us to benefit from their knowledge and expertise. We use our online and sector networks to maintain dialogue with colleagues, exploring ideas and needs as they arise, and aim to connect our families and students to the same networks, broadening the reach of conversation and allowing feedback from our end users.

We work closely with Bridge organisations in the region (Norfolk and Norwich Festival and Royal Opera House) through partnerships with other hubs, partners, specific jointly-commissioned projects and regular networking and development discussions.

The projects that we develop with regional hub and music service partners enable better inclusion, genre-specific work and music technology growth, and benefits recognised by hubs across the region – particularly when combined with our local knowledge to make the best use of opportunities.

Our hub partners commit to:

Maintaining the partnership’s expected standards in all music education activities, and the quality assurance process of partnership-supported activity
Contributing positively and constructively to the Hub audit, needs analysis and work stream discussions
Actively and positively promoting and signposting our work to their own local and national networks
Helping the group identify further sources of support
Providing data and information for evaluation of the activities we deliver and the scope of other music education activities not directly supported by the Hub
Working together to build successful partnerships and avoid potential duplication or conflicts of interest
Ensuring delivery of a strong programme which implement’s the Hub’s strategic goals