Instrumental learning through ensemble instruction

Music Explorers Play is for primary level Key Stage 2 Years 3&4, and focuses on instrumental learning through ensemble instruction. Students are introduced to more advanced musical elements including notation, structure and improvisation, and develop their playing technique and understanding of music through use of the recorder, glockenspiel and djembe.

Our offer

Singing and instrumental based activity building on key skills and developing playing techniques and understanding of music through use of recorder, glockenspiel and djembe
Comprehensive tutor guides that include topic related resources and other materials
Lessons are delivered by two CM staff and a member of school staff in a whole class setting
Sessions during the school day are at times determined by the music service in collaboration with the school
Advice and information to meet with a school’s individual needs


Year 3 students

Sing melodies with a sense of pitch
Play and perform simple patterns and accompaniments on an instrument,keeping a steady pulse
Recognise elements of music and start to use them effectively
Explore and compose simple pieces, with a sense of structure
Use and recognise a range of musical notation (graphic, staff)
Evaluate music, beginning to use the correct terminology

Year 4 students

Perform a simple instrumental part rhythmically
Sing songs from memory and at pitch
Improvise using repeated patterns
Read basic notation and begin to make sense of musical patterns in music
Identify elements of music and begin to apply them
Discuss and describe music using the correct terminology

School staff

Are more confident in performing on instruments and in the understanding the elements of music
Learn an extended repertoire of songs and musical devices used
Develop their class confidence in group work to develop both as individuals and as a team

Arts Award and Artsmark links

Arts Award – Discover and Explore
Artsmark – evidence of Pupil Engagement, CPD and Partnerships


£57 per one hour session, can be booked by term or 36 week academic year.


Two qualified and vetted CM tutors to deliver the MX programme
All resources and topic related materials, including instrument provision
Access to any special events
Support from our MX managers

You provide

Commitment from school staff who deliver the MX programme to learna musical instrument alongside the students
Suitable spaces for each type of activity being delivered
Smartboard technology
Commitment that the class teacher will be actively involved as part of the delivery team
Commitment to regular planning and evaluation sessions with the MX team
Consumables when necessary, such as percussion instruments
Performance opportunities for the pupils in line with the MX programme