Sing a mini opera with professionals, in a choir festival and much more…

FOR: Whole primary schools EYFS-KS2 and secondary schools KS3
DATES: autumn 2019 - summer 2020
COST: £675 per school. This includes 65 tickets for the Annual Choir Festival performance.
We suggest that schools sell these tickets at a cost of £6.50/ticket to parents and family of the choir. By doing this schools can recoup up to £422.50, leaving an overall project cost of £252.50.
Scores – including individual parts for each voice, instrumental parts and a full piano/vocal score notated with chord symbols
Notes – on each piece including translations (where necessary), background, singing and performance tips
CDs and MP3s – with exemplar performances, learning tracks for each of the vocal parts, and ‘music minus one’/'backing’ tracks
Texts – this includes song lyrics and information about the opera and teaching tips for the material
Links to the programme of study
Suitable backing tracks that can be used in choir rehearsals
A professional accompanist for the Annual Choir Festival performance
Fully vetted and managed workshop leaders with all appropriate disclosure and barring checks (DBS) carried out.

Our offer

Would you like to get more of your students singing? Would your pupils be excited to work with professional singers towards a multi-school performance in a professional venue? Would your teaching staff enjoy using dedicated resources and training to deliver fantastic singing-based activities?

If the answer to any of the above is ‘yes’, then SingFest is the project for you. This year's Singfest is based on A Midsummer Night's Dream, and delivered in partnership with the English Pocket Opera Company (EPOC). It is designed to help support and develop singing across the whole school.

How does SingFest work?

Put simply, SingFest gets schools singing in fun and educational ways. There are four main ways in which we work:

Delivering whole-school workshops designed to develop students understanding and appreciation of different musical genres
Bringing primary schools and secondary schools together to make music on joint vocal projects
Giving students a rare opportunity to rehearse and perform with professional singers
Leading singing CPD and Inset training for both specialist and non-specialist staff.

Singfest has diverse specialist projects suitable for different ages, schools and aspirations: Operatastic, EYFS 10 Songs, KS1 ‘Songoing skills’, KS2 Cluster Festivals and the Annual Choir Festival.

Operatastic - January 2020

English Pocket Opera Company’s Operatastic is an interactive one-hour introduction to singing (and opera) given by two professional opera singers and a pianist, using excerpts from over 20 operas. It will go into every school and is performed with school audiences of up 300. Written for children (and suitable for adults), it lasts one hour and is highly enjoyable for everyone taking part. Operatastic includes:

An introduction to the ingredients of opera
A ‘pocket’ sing-a-long version of an opera with children as the main characters
An unscripted 15-minute opera improvised on suggestions from the audience.

EYFS 10 Songs

EYFS 10 songs is a package which delivers 10 new songs specially written for use with younger children. These fun and accessible songs are supported with scores, CDs and online resources. For each participating school, the package includes:

The different elements of Singfest

1 session of specifically targeted INSET for EYFS teachers and support staff
1hr support from Cambridgeshire Music staff in your own EYFS setting.

KS1 ‘Songoing Skills’

KS1 Songoing Skills is a set of singing and curriculum resources for KS1 children published annually. Each year it provides exciting new songs specially written to appeal to this age range and activities supported with scores, CDs and online resources. For each participating school, Songoing Skills includes:

1 session of specifically targeted INSET for KS1 teachers and support staff
1hr support from Cambridgeshire Music staff in your own KS1 setting.

KS2 and KS3 Cluster Festivals - March 2020

Targeted for whole-class/year groups of KS2/3 children, this is also a set of songs and resources – but with Cluster Festival performances in the Spring term. Using a set of song resources published annually in January, we organise a week of shared performances in schools – with four to six schools coming together at a time to perform in nominated schools/venues. The resources are designed in such a way that they can be flexible to the needs of schools with optional extra vocal parts and instrumental parts added for recorders and First Access/Wider Opps instruments. A key feature of these concerts will be the possibility of participation of more senior musicians, including professionals and secondary pupils. These concerts work particularly well hosted by a secondary school for their feeder primaries. For each participating school, the package includes:

1 session of specifically targeted INSET for KS2 teachers and support staff
1hr support from Cambridgeshire Music staff in your own KS2 class/year-group setting.

Annual Choir Festival - Summer 2020

The Annual Choir Festival is a fantastic opportunity for all schools (including secondary) to perform alongside other schools and professionals at professional venues in the Summer term. Previous venues have included the Cambridge Union and West Road Concert Hall. Using a set of song resources published in September 2016, we organise a series of performances out of school, with four schools coming together to perform. There is repertoire for choirs from both primary and secondary schools. Most of the repertoire will be in four parts with individual choirs singing one part each. The concerts will be accompanied by a professional pianist or small ensemble with Cambridgeshire Music staff holding a workshop in each participating school. The package includes:

1 session of specifically targeted INSET for choir leaders/music coordinators.
1hr support from Cambridgeshire Music staff with your choir or class.

You provide

Commitment to, and participation in all aspects of the SingFest project
A contact (usually the music coordinator), who will be able to liaise with the SingFest team regarding all aspects of the project
Commitment to teach your choir the songs (with assistance from the workshops) in preparation for the Choir Festival
Suitable venue (usually the school hall), for the Opera Hotpot to take place in – this must include a piano or good quality keyboard
Transport to/from the Annual Choir Festival venue.


"I loved the whole project ... and will carry on singing at secondary school!"

Key Stage 2 student from Duxford Primary School - SingFest 2017/18

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