A wide range of brass, keyboard, string, percussion and woodwind instruments available to borrow.

FOR: Individuals and organisations in Cambridgeshire, in-school and out-of-school
£36 a school term or part of a school term for individual instruments

£250 a school term for a set of instruments (up to a whole class between 15-30 instruments). (NB keyboards are provided normally on a 1:2 basis)

Collection and delivery costs £50 each journey.

Our instrument bank is based at our Huntingdon centre. We can lend you a single instrument, or a set of instruments for your group – subject to availability. Use them for lessons and activities in or out of school, as well as taking them home to practise.

Our offer

Our bank of instruments are fully maintained, although are not necessarily brand new. We can deliver them to you and collect them afterwards (at an additional charge). If an instrument needs major repairs, we will give you a replacement, and we can also let you have any accessories you need for your musical activity.

Your responsibilities

Take good care of the instrument, as guided by us or your tutor.
Provide suitable consumables for instruments when needed (e.g. replacement strings, valve oil, beaters, reeds).
Let us know if an instrument needs repairing or is damaged, and return the instrument promptly to us for repair.
Contribute to the cost of repair or replacement if damage has been caused by you through negligence.
Collect and return the instrument from our Huntingdon centre, unless you have paid for delivery and collection at the time of ordering.

We ask you to:

Financial support


How to book

Bookings can be made on our online booking system (click 'Place an order' on this page). Please allow up to two weeks for us to get instruments ready for you.

When you book a music lesson, if you also need an instrument for that lesson you can tick the box to request this and a loan booking will be created for you; we will then organise an instrument for the lessons. If you only want to borrow an instrument (and not book lessons) go to the ‘Instrument Loan’ navigation in your account.